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2008 wood paint
PREAMBLE: I have avoided the realities of the twenty first century for too long. It is not that I object to the idea of a web site, I just didn't want to have another thing to do. My friends and family have dragged me into this... and I am glad for their intervention rescuing me from my Luddite ways.

The images on this site are in chronological order. I have decided not to edit out any of the work I have done. If I did edit, there would be nothing to look at. So I am putting it all out there, work I feel comfortable with and work I hate.
Work I have destroyed and work I have no idea where it is. Work I'm fond of and work I feel has merit.
This work is the result of the act of art making, of which the object is just a by-product. And when I view the individual objects , the self criticism kicks in and for the most part I can only see the flaws.

However, and this happens very rarely, I have made things that I feel punch a hole into a realm of mystery… a place that is a catalyst for unintended notions… I cannot explain this state of mind but just accept it.

A NOTE ON PHOTOGRAPHY. I have lived in rural America for the duration of my so called professional life. It has it's pluses. It has it's minuses. The lack of a professional photographer and photo finishing service is one of it's draw backs. I have, for my entire career, both as a student and as an established artist been forced by necessity to be my own photographer, a subject of which I know very little which is evident in the visual materials on this site. At best I recorded the objects I made. Most are not publishable. I have to commend my friend Wayne Bates for the rescue effort on restoring the images to some semblance of the original.
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